10 Best Cheap RV Insurance Companies 2017

Looking for the 10 Best Cheap RV Insurance Companies for 2017? You are in the right place. The RV market is once again on fire according to the New York Post. With so many new buyers entering the market, it’s not surprising that many are looking for RV insurance for the first time. Shopping for RV insurance is not the same as shopping for car insurance. You have to take a look at how you will be using your RV and what you expect out of your coverage in order to find the cheapest RV policy for you. Here are 10 of the cheapest RV insurance companies to help you can save money.

USAA RV Insurance

USAA is known to offer some of the cheapest RV insurance rates and the best service of any insurer, but not everyone can get insurance from USAA. USAA limits most of their offerings to members and to become a member you need to be an active duty, retired, or honorably discharged member of the armed forces. Membership is available for spouses and dependents as well. They cover emergency expenses when your motorhome is disabled and they provide vacation liability coverage. They base their rates on average usage rather than continuous usage. One downside is that they don’t offer full-time coverage.

Good Sam RV Insurance

Good Sam RV Insurance is an insurance agency that finds the best RV policy to fit your needs. They are a go to choice for RV insurance because they live and breathe RVs. Owned by Camping World, Good Sam is focused on the service of RV owners. They understand the unique needs of RVers and that different RV owners have different insurance needs. They can provide insurance for any RV whether it is used just for occasional camping or is used as a full-time residence. One of the best emergency roadside services in the industry is included with the policies. Best of all, they have some of the cheapest RV policies.

Progressive RV Insurance

Progressive RV Insurance offers good deals on RV insurance. If you currently have Progressive for your auto policy, then it’s worth checking out Progressive for a quote on your RV policy. Quotes for their RV policies can be even more competitive than their auto quotes leading to downright cheap RV insurance rates. They claim to be the #1 specialty RV insurer. They offer pet coverage and emergency expense coverage. They have add-ons for full coverage of personal belongings and even full replacement cost for your RV. If you have their full-time coverage, they even include storage shed content insurance.

Geico RV Insurance

Geico is a good choice for insurance if you aren’t living in your RV full time and you currently have other Geico coverage. The rates are competitive and the coverage works well for those using it for vacation travel. They offer total loss replacement for the first 4 model years and offer total replacement cost for personal effects. There is an emergency expense coverage of $1000 for hotels and transportation. The special RV windshield coverage repairs windshields for free and charge just $50 for a replacement windshield. While they do offer full-time coverage, it’s not as useful as other RV specific policies.

Blue Sky RV Insurance

Blue Sky RV Insurance is a specialty insurance company focused solely on the RV industry. They are backed by RLI, an underwriter with an A+ rating. Some people swear by the cheap motorhome insurance rates at Blue Sky. They have a basic RV insurance policy that behaves like a more typical RV insurance policy with typical coverages like 24-hour emergency roadside service and towing. They also have innovative RV insurance policy that offers depreciation free replacement, total loss replacement, and even a vanishing deductible. They also offer insurance for regular vehicles so any tow vehicles can be included on the same policy.

RV America Insurance

RV America Insurance is like Good Sam RV Insurance in that they work with multiple insurance companies to find the best policy for each RVer. This allows them to build a custom policy that has the coverages and options that fit your particular needs, whether you are a full timer or just a vacation RVer. They cover all types of RV and provide coverage like emergency expenses when your RV is disabled and emergency roadside assistance. Total loss replacement policies are available as well as add-ons for low branch collision coverage and accessories coverage.

Safeco RV Insurance

Safeco is a large traditional insurance company that offers RV insurance policies. They don’t provide full-time coverage so they are more suited to vacation usage. Their policies are highly customizable though so they can be a good choice for people who use install accessories or equipment in their motorhome. They have coverage that is typical with other companies offering RV insurance but they offer additional coverage like pet coverage in case your pet is injured or killed.

Foremost RV Insurance

Foremost Insurance is a specialty RV insurance company under the Farmers Insurance Group. They have policies that are targeted for RVer who use their RV for vacations and those who use it full time. Their agents are knowledgeable about the different RVer needs so they can help select the policy that works right at the cheapest RV rates. They have a liberal replacement cost policy and they include coverage for add-on accessories like awnings. They protect your RV whether it’s parked in the driveway or parked at a campground with coverage for personal belongings, fire, vandalism, and theft.

Allstate RV Insurance

Allstate does offer a basic insurance policy that is backed by their quality reputation. It can a good policy addition if you currently have Allstate Insurance. While not the cheapest RV policy, they can be very price competitive if you already have Allstate. They offer all the typical coverages including collision and comprehensive. They also offer protection of personal belongings in case of fire or lightning. They have towing and labor coverage that pays for your tow or any labor done on the spot to get you back on the road. They will even provide rental reimbursement for a car or motorhome in case yours is damaged or destroyed so you can continue on your vacation.

State Farm RV Insurance

State Farm has RV insurance and many people swear by it. It’s a competitive product, but one of the biggest reasons why people go with State Farm is because they have their other vehicles and possibly their home insurance through State Farm. They have built a solid relationship with their agent and know that they’ll get personalized customer service when it comes time to submit a claim. State Farm doesn’t offer full-time coverage but does provide vacation use coverage. If you currently have State Farm for your vehicle coverage, you’ll naturally want to check them out and probably get a cheap RV add-on rate.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of RV policies, it should put you in the right direction to getting the policy that you need at a good price. Check out these 10 Cheap RV insurance companies for 2017 and see how much you will save on your RV insurance policy.

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