10 Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Companies 2017

2017 is another year and it means you need to be looking at this list of the 10 Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Companies for 2017. Motorcycle insurance is required by law so it’s a good idea to make sure you get it before you start riding. Look through this list and see which one best fits your needs. You’ll want to also make sure that you are getting every discount you are entitled to.


Progressive is big in the motorcycle insurance world. They are one of the best companies and one of the cheapest. They really look out for riders by having great coverage options. They also provide cheap motorcycle insurance rates.

They have total loss coverage for a new bike and replacement cost coverage for that even includes aftermarket accessories. It includes no depreciation for parts. They even allow you to include personal property coverage for things you carry on your bike, like camping equipment and even your smartphone. If you take a spill on your bike and damage your iPhone 7, your phone is covered.


Dairyland has a long history of insuring motorcycles and has been doing it since 1966. They don’t claim to the be the cheapest policy, but they do try to be the best motorcycle insurance company. They have some of the best policies available. With their options and their coverage. In fact, they are one of the few that offers a visiting motorcycle policy for those touring the US.

With the many discounts available, Dairyland’s higher rates actually become much more affordable. If you have completed a safety course, you get a discount. If you are a member of the Harley’s Owners Group, you get a discount. If you are a member of a riding club, you can get a discount. If you own a home, you also qualify for a discount.

Direct Auto and Life

Direct is an insurance company with a focus on non-traditional insurance for people in the southeast. They were founded in 1991 in Nashville. They provide first class customer service and low rates to their customers in their target region.

They have the traditional liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, but they include add-on coverage like full replacement cost, uninsured motorist coverage, and custom accessory replacement. This means that they cover everything you need to get you back on the road ASAP on the bike that you love.


Everybody knows that 15 minutes can save you hundreds on your car insurance, but not as many people know that it can also save you hundreds on your motorcycle insurance. Geico has a reputation for saving you on your insurance and providing a quick way to get coverage.

Their motorcycle policies are well advertised. In fact, there are even a series of commercials highlighting their bike insurance. They give a whole slew of discounts in addition to their good insurance rates for standard policies. For example, they have a loyalty discount just for renewing, they have experienced rider discounts, they have multi-cycle discounts, and even a discount just for switching to Geico.


Esurance has been a part of the Allstate family since 2011. They offer quick and easy motorcycle insurance rates online that take about 7 ½ minutes to complete. They utilize an all online experience and fuel efficient claims vehicles to ensure that costs stay low.

They offer cheap motorcycle rates for policies that cover all the particular needs of bikers. You can add their trip interruption policy to your coverage so you have your expenses paid while your bike is getting fixed if you are on the road.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest auto insurance company and they also cover many different motorcycle riders as add-ons to their auto policy. They are not always the cheapest motorcycle insurance company but they are one of the best motorcycle insurance companies. They offer good discounts and provide quality service.

They offer policies for just about any 2 or 3 wheeled motorcycle that is licensed for use on public roads. They offer the standard liability, collision, and comprehensive policies, but they include special perks as well. They include attached side cars, protective equipment, and trip interruptions.

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance is a Fortune 500 insurance company that is known for great services and fair rates in states where they offer coverage. They are not a nationwide insurance company, but they do offer coverage in 12 states. They can be a cheap insurance company if you are in their coverage area.

Erie Motorcycle Insurance not only covers liability, comprehensive, and collision, it also covers your protective equipment like helmets, riding gloves, riding boots, and even riding eyewear. It covers any specialty add-on equipment as well. Since Erie works exclusively through agents, you can consult with an agent one on one to make sure you are getting all that you need.

Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Insurance offers cheap motorcycle insurance rates in 12 states through its network of 350 offices. If you are in one of their states, they can offer a decent motorcycle insurance. While they do focus on those who may not have the best driving records, they do provide comparison quotes from several different providers so that riders can get the cheapest bike coverage.

Motorcycle policies are pretty standard. When you are ready to get a quote, make sure you have your current limits so you be matched up with the correct policy so you are comparing apples to apples. They do offer all of the standard discounts as well.


USAA stresses in their commercials that “we know what it means to serve.” That’s because they were formed by military officers in the 1920’s and have limited themselves to serving only active duty, retired, and honorably discharged military members and their families. While most of their policies are issued through USAA, their motorcycle policies are only handled through their USAA Insurance agency where they search the top providers to provide the cheapest rates.

They offer a 5% members-only discount on all policies. You also get free roadside assistance. While the insurance company is a third party, they handle all of the customer service for policies sold to their members so they can provide their legendary customer service and claims assistance.

The General

“Go to the General and Save Some Time” is what the commercials say. They mostly focus on auto insurance for people with less than golden driving records but do offer motorcycle policies as well. They pride themselves on being able to find relatively cheap insurance for those who can’t otherwise get insurance. If you’ve had an at-fault accident or several tickets and other insurance are denying you or asking for very high premiums, check them out.

You will be able to get the motorcycle insurance you need from the General, including liability, comprehensive and collision. What you may not be able to get are the specialty perks like lay-up periods or trip interruption insurance. Follow this list and contact several insurers for the best possible rates. That’s a great idea and it’s the best way to save money. One of the 10 Best Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Companies for 2017 will put you ahead.

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