Top 10 Cheap Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

Homeowner’s insurance is a must have for any person who owns a house. The question that many people ask is where to find the best cheap homeowner’s insurance company? They want a company that is affordable but does not lack the necessary parts of insurance. Homeowners want to know that their insurance policy will help them when an event occurs that causes damage or bodily harm. The following are the top ten affordable homeowner’s insurance companies.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual is a well trusted insurance company who’s homeowner’s insurance plans cover many important aspects of life. Their policy provides coverage for the physical structure of the house, personal possessions, liability, and additional living expenses for when the family has to live outside of the house due to construction or extreme damages. Liberty Mutual also knows that some people want to be more prepared in case of an emergency so they offer additional coverage options for extra protection. They also offer multiple discounts for their customers including multi policy discount, protective devices discount, and many others.


Geico is a very well known insurance agency that is used by many people. They cover not only homeowners but also landlords as well. Geico has many coverage options including personal property and liability. Just like other Geico insurance plans, the homeowner’s policy offers many discounts including safety systems discount, security system discounts, and even a multi policy discount.

Farmers Insurance

Starting in 1928, Farmers Insurance was created to give people quality insurance for a low price. Years later, this insurance company still prides itself on those standards and still goes above and beyond for its consumers. Their policy provides coverage for one’s property and their possessions as well as liability, medical payments, and additional living expenses. Farmers insurance offers countless discounts to its customers including discounts for non-smokers, multi policy discounts, security and fire detection device discounts, and even a discount for those who have recently updated their home’s major systems.


StateFarm is another well known insurance company that provides great service and cheap premiums. Their insurance policy covers one’s home in case of extreme weather events, theft, vandalism, riots, and vehicles. The insurance plan also covers sudden or accidental events including water damage from pipes and damage from the heating/cooling system. StateFarm offers many discounts for their customers including multi policy discounts, home alert protection discount, and roofing discount.


An extension of the Allstate Company, Esurance is a fairly new insurance company with resources and information that have been used for years. Their homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for the home and other buildings on one’s property, their belongings, and liability. Also, their standard policy protects one’s home from damage caused by fire, explosions, riots, vehicles, theft, and extreme weather. For those that are looking to save money on their insurance plans, Esurance offers plenty of discounts such as new home discount, home safety features discount, storm shutter discount, and even a smoke-free discount.


Progressive has become one of the leading insurance agencies over the past few years. They have many different insurance policies ranging from homeowner’s insurance to boat insurance. Their homeowner’s insurance policy provides coverage for the person’s home, their property, liability, medical payments, and loss of use. For people that want extra protection for their home they can purchase additional plans for their policy. Progressive also provides discounts for people who purchase more than one insurance policy with the company.

National General

Another fairly new insurance company, National General has a strong focus on providing their customers with high quality insurance that does not break the bank. They provide coverage for theft, damage, personal property and so much more. National General provides extensive discounts for their customers who have a college education, who live in a gated community, and for those who combine their policy with at least one other policy with the company.


AIG is not the most well known insurance company but that does not stop them from providing their customers with great service and affordable plans. Their home protection plan provides coverage options for the home and for the repair or replacement of damaged appliances. If any damages do occur, AIG has a 24/7 customer service system that helps get customers the service they need at any time of day. Their focus is on providing timely service that keeps costs down but does not skimp on quality.

Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Amica Mutual Insurance Company, commonly known as Amica, has had the highest customer satisfaction rate among national homeowner’s insurance for over 15 years. Their protection plan covers all structures on someone’s property, cost of temporary repairs to one’s home, personal property, and liability. What’s unique about Amica is that their coverage of personal property expands outside of the house for when someone is on vacation and their hotel room gets robbed, they are covered. They also provide additional coverage options that provide more flexibility in the person’s policy. Amica Mutual Insurance also provides plenty of discount options ranging from customer loyalty discounts to safety feature discounts.


MetLife’s homeowner’s insurance policy is very unique. They provide coverage options for homeowners who need to rebuild their home after severe damage without any surprising costs or fees. Every policy offered by MetLife includes identity protection and 24/7 customer service for all of their customers. Coverage also includes extreme weather incidents, vandalism, theft, and liability. MetLife offers discounts for safety features in the home, bundling home and auto insurance, and choosing a higher deductible.

Overall, it is up to the homeowner to decide what insurance plan is best for them. Trusted Choice recommends that homeowner’s take certain precautions, such as alarm systems, to lower the cost of their premium. Most insurance companies offer plenty of discounts for homeowners who take steps to protect their home. There are plenty of cheap homeowner’s insurance companies but homeowners need to remember to also look at the quality of the coverage to see if they are getting the best service for what they are paying.

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