10 Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies 2017

It’s another year and it’s time to find the 10 Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies for 2017. The company that may have given you the best rate in 2016, might not be the one who can do it in 2017. In fact, auto insurance rates rose the most in 13 years in 2016. This list of 10 companies offers some of the cheapest car insurance rates so you can find and can put extra money in your pocket in 2017.


USAA got its start in 1922 in San Antonio when a group of military officers felt that they were not the high-risk drivers that traditional insurance companies thought they were. USAA insurance is still limited to military members and their families, but for this group, they offer some of the best car insurance rates available.

USAA has a laser focus on customer service and making the claims process as easy as possible. By limiting their pool to a defined market, they are able to offer some of the best rates for auto insurance. They have a full slate of auto insurance coverage including comprehensive, collision, and liability that not only cover state minimums but also a maximum liability to provide real protection.


Geico got started as the Government Employees Insurance Company in 1936. In 1996, Geico was bought out by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. In While primarily providing insurance over the phone and internet, they do have about 150 insurance agent offices around the US.

Everybody knows that 15 minutes can save you money on car insurance thanks to the Geico commercials. They claim to save an average of $500 for those who switch to Geico. That does vary, but generally, they have cheap car insurance rates. They offer a complete selection of car insurance so you can build the policy you need. They even offer rideshare insurance in some states for those driving Uber and Lyft.


Progressive Insurance started in 1937 to provide insurance to those who were considered to be more risky drivers. Progressive has pioneered direct consumer insurance by being the first insurance company to sell over the web and one of the first to offer mobile insurance apps. They also have long provided other insurance company rates when providing quotes.

Thanks to Flo’s commercials, most people are familiar with Progressive’s snapshot tool that provides discounts based on driving habits. They are also familiar with the name your own price tool that allows customers to pay for the coverage they need at a cheap rate. Progressive has an impressive array of different auto insurance products and offers bundling discounts.


Esurance got its start in 1999 by providing all online car insurance. In 2011, they were acquired by Allstate. They are backed by Allstate but have they manage their own claims and their own rates. They have an all-hybrid fleet of claim vehicles and eschew brick and mortar agents so they can provide lower car insurance rates.

Esurance says that 15 minutes is too long to wait to save money and try to complete their quote process in half the time. They can provide collision, comprehensive and state liability coverage in most states.


Metromile is a relative newcomer to auto insurance. They started in 2011 in California with the idea that customers should only be charged for insurance when they are actually using the vehicle. For those who drive fewer miles, Metromile can save a lot of money.

They offer liability insurance along with comprehensive and collision coverage in the 7 states that currently allow per mile insurance. They also have agreements with Uber in 3 different states to provide insurance for Uber drivers. Uber and Metromile work together to ensure that drivers aren’t charged for the miles used while driving for Uber.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the US. It got its start in 1922 to provide car insurance for farmers. It has grown to offer a full line of insurance through 18,000 agents across the US and Canada and insure more than 44 million automobiles.

We all know that “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there ” Their focus may not be on price as much as providing quality claims service. Nevertheless, State Farm has many different discounts available to bring their rates down and be more competitive. They are definitely a good option for those who value service as much as price.

Farm Bureau Insurance

One of the stalwart insurance companies in farm and ranch country is Farm Bureau Insurance. Farm Bureau Insurance is owned by FBL Services and offers an array of insurance and financial services for farmers in 14 states.

Farm Bureau Insurance very price competitive for members. Membership is not restricted to farmers only so anyone can join and get these competitive rates. They provide all the typical insurance and being a member of the Farm Bureau opens up many different benefits.


Like Farm Bureaus Insurance, Nationwide traces its roots to the Farm Bureau movement. They began in Ohio serving farmers, but by 1955 they changed their name to Nationwide and truly became a nationwide auto insurance company.

Under their Nationwide brand, they are able to offer a wide variety of car insurance products through their network of insurance agents. It’s easy to get an online quote from their website and then purchase the insurance through one of their agents. Customers can also visit an agent directly.

AAA Car Insurance

AAA is an insurance agency rather than an insurance company. In some states, they offer insurance to anyone and in other states, they only provide insurance to members. Membership is inexpensive and offers many benefits including their legendary tow service. They use their status as an independent, consumer-friendly organization to help their members get cheaper deals on car insurance.

Members can get quotes online, over the phone, or in person from not just one insurance company but several. Through their relationship with many insurance companies, they can find the cheapest car insurance prices for just about any driving record. They can also tailor fit the coverage for personal needs.

The General Insurance

If you have seen the commercial for the General then you are probably at least a little familiar with the company and their tagline “Go to the General and save some time.” Their market niche area is those drivers with a less than perfect driving record.

They have a completely online quote and insurance system so you can go direct with the company instead of through a local agent. They offer all the standard insurance coverages and can provide instant of proof of insurance online. Because their niche market is those who have blemishes on their driving record, they can offer cheaper insurance rates for these drivers than other insurance companies can. Good drivers can probably do better with other companies on this list.

No matter what kind of driving record you have and no matter kind of insurance you need, you can save cash in 2017. Pick a company from this list of the 10 Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies of 2017 and start saving money.

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