10 Best Cheap Business Insurance Companies 2017

If you are looking for the 10 Best Cheap Business Insurance Companies in 2017, you came to the right place. Getting started in business can be intimidating and costly, getting business insurance doesn’t have to be. The US Small Business Administration has a handy guide for finding what type of policies that you might need and this list can help you find the cheapest business insurance quotes.


Hiscox is the #1 online business insurer in the US. They are one of the cheapest business insurance companies. They have been in business since 1901 and have been providing insurance in the US for more than 40 years. They insure US businesses through Lloyd’s of London. They work with agents and directly with small businesses. They can insure customers directly online without going through a middleman and policies can be emailed in minutes.

They offer many different types of insurance that appeal to small businesses. They have a unique home business insurance policy for home-based businesses. They have general liability, worker’s compensation, errors and omissions, and professional liability policies.


Progressive isn’t just an auto and home insurer. They are a full-service insurance agency as well so they can offer cheap business insurance. They cover many different types of businesses and can refer you to insurers that can best handle your line of business

They may not be able to offer a bespoke policy that some specialty business insurers can offer, but they are able to provide the policies that small businesses need. These include commercial general liability insurance and commercial auto coverage. They also provide worker’s compensation insurance.


If you are currently using Geico insurance for a personal policy, it can pay to contact them for your business insurance. They are generally a consumer insurance company, but with that consumer focus, they have the ability to deal with small businesses that larger insurers overlook. Through their Geico Insurance Agency, they can provide insurance for many types of small businesses.

Their standard business policy is a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy) that covers property damage and general liability. This provides a solid coverage of many risks to your business. They also offer commercial auto insurance and general liability insurance. If you are a professional, you can also add on errors and omissions insurance easily.


Insureon was founded in 1997 to make finding business insurance easier. They operate as an insurance agency by helping people find insurance for their specific industry. Basically, customers tell Insureon what their business type is and what their insurance needs are and they are provided with a quote from an insurance company match. This helps you get not only the cheapest rate but also the right kind of coverage for your business.

Since they are an agency, they can find the mix of coverage your business needs, whether it’s just commercial liability, business owner’s policy, or errors and omissions coverage.

The Hartford

The Hartford is one of the largest business insurers in the US and one of the oldest insurers. They began in 1810 by providing fire insurance. They provide auto, home and business policies which make them unique among other insurers that offer solid business coverage. Customers that combine all their policies on the Hartford can expect cheap business insurance rates. They now insure more than 1 million US businesses.

The Hartford can provide the policies needed by all sized business, not just small businesses. They have the policies that small business needed like commercial liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and property insurance. With their solid reputation, they can work with any sized business to find the right custom policy.


Esurance has a special service called Bizinsure that focuses on helping businesses get the cheapest business insurance policies. They use the same philosophy they use for their Esurance auto insurance. They ask some basic questions about your business so they get an idea of what insurance companies could provide the best policy and the best rates.

They focus on the three types of insurance that most small businesses need. They provide a Business Owners Policy for property damage and liability. They have a liability only policy and they have an errors and omissions policy.

State Farm

If you need insurance for your small business, then wouldn’t it be a good idea to get your insurance from another small business owner? State Farm agents are small business owners so understand what small businesses need. They have the right kind of agents to help new businesses transition to business insurance and understand the specific types of business insurance their company needs.

Their business owner’s policies are competitively priced while providing the right mix of property and liability coverage. They also offer specialty business insurance products like Employment Practices liability insurance to protect your business from being sued by a disgruntled employee.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance got its start in 1928 insuring vehicles for the quintessential American small businessman, the farmer. They have expanded into other areas including home and business insurance. They don’t offer insurance for every industry, but they offer a superior policy at good insurance rates for the small business they do serve.

They have business owner’s policies to cover property and liability. They offer worker’s compensation insurance and business life insurance. They offer loss control services to help businesses spot risks and reduce future accidents.


CNA is one of the largest commercial insurers in the US. They were founded in 1897 and they insure more than 1 million businesses across the US and in different industries. They focus exclusively on business insurance and eschew the consumer market. Their singular focus on business means that they can offer the right kind of business policy at competitive rates.

They have all the typical lines of business insurance, but they also utilize data solutions to identify specialized risks. This enables them to provide even lower rates to their customers. Moreover, they have specialty products like cyber liability insurance to protect against liability that arises from cyber security issues.

The Hanover Insurance Group

The Hanover Insurance Group was founded in 1852 in Manhattan. During the Great Depression, they didn’t lay off a single employee and continued to pay their dividend. It currently does business in 179 countries and writes more than $5 billion a year premiums. They are able to handle insurance for small and medium sized businesses.

They utilize a consultative process to help business owners understand their insurance needs so they can craft a customized policy that provides quality coverage at an affordable rate. Through their personalized service, they can help small businesses reduce their insurance risk and provide even cheaper insurance rates. Through their personalized service, they can offer a wide range of standard business insurance coverage as well as specialized coverage.

With the right kind of insurance company, you can get a competitive business insurance rate that can help protect your business and help it grow. One of these companies in this list of the 10 Best Cheap Business Insurance Companies of 2017 is certain to work for your business.

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