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Compare Insurance CompaniesInsurance is a necessity to protect your most valuable assets from harm. Insurance policies are contracts that ensure financial institutions will provide money if damages or losses occur. Individuals and businesses use insurance to prevent big bills or bankruptcy when something bad or unexpected happens.

Life is uncertain, so it’s important to be prepared for whatever comes next. Having insurance lets people rest assured that a safety net will catch them when things spiral downward. That’s why there are currently 5,954 insurance companies across the United States! In 2017, P/C insurers paid out $101.9 billion alone. These carriers offer diverse coverage types from health care and life insurance to income protection. Picking from the array of insurance options doesn’t have to be difficult, though. It’s our mission at Compare Insurance Companies to relieve the stress of insurance shopping and give you peace of mind with great coverage.

Benjamin Franklin started the first American insurance company in 1752 called Philadelphia Contributionship. However, the practice of lending insurance coverage has existed since about 4000 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia. Modern insurance carriers had begun in Europe during the 17th century after the Great Fire of London in 1666. In the New World, insurance wasn’t properly regulated or reliable until the 1900s. By 1990, the number of people with life insurance had grown a whopping 626 percent. Eventually, driving with valid car insurance became law in all 50 states. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 also helped more than 20 million uninsured people gain health insurance. Our $1.2 trillion insurance industry now employs more than 2.7 million professionals. Choosing which insurance companies have the best practices is a job we’ll handle for you. Let our team guide you to strong financial protection.

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Purchasing items online instead of at brick-and-mortar stores is a growing trend. According to a 2018 Marist College poll, 76 percent of Americans shop online now. Yet, some might be surprised that you can buy insurance online just like clothes and electronics. Insurance companies are increasingly accepting applications for their policy coverage online. This saves you from making an appointment with an insurance agent during their normal 9-to-5 hours. Insurance buyers can use their favorite Internet browser to locate products anytime 24/7. Getting dressed up and gassing up your insured car are totally optional. Skipping the middle man is often more convenient and affordable. Lower prices are available online because insurance agents don’t have to receive a cut. Buying insurance online also makes it easier to compare policies side by side. Some companies even have virtual chats to answer questions fast.

At Comparing Insurance Companies, we know you’re likely worried about security, though. Identity theft is a real concern when buying anything online, including insurance. Filing insurance documents online with personal info like social security numbers should only happen on secure websites. Only input your secret digits on platforms with strong SSL encryption. You can guarantee the site’s security by looking for the https:// part of the URL. Install up-to-date antivirus software on your computer to ensure malicious trackers aren’t watching. Double-check that insurance carriers are legitimate with the Better Business Bureau. Create challenging, unique passwords that won’t be easily guessed. Always look out for red flags to avoid scams too good to be true. When proper precautions are taken and trustworthy insurance companies on our website are chosen, you can buy insurance online safely.

Choose the Best Insurance Company for Your Budget

Getting insurance coverage requires paying a premium every month or year. Finding policies with low premiums that won’t gobble up your paycheck is crucial. In 2019, the Kaiser Family Foundation found the average health insurance premiums are $599 for single and $1,715 for family coverage monthly. Auto insurance varies by driving record, but the mean yearly cost is $1,502. According to Insurance.com, homeowners have a median home insurance expense of $1,228 annually.

Putting enough pennies together to afford all of these insurance types can be hard. Therefore, we prioritize insurance companies that provide reasonable prices and discounts. Our researchers pore over policy details to ensure low costs without crazy high deductibles. We strive for top-notch, reliable insurance plans that don’t break the bank. Our team also considers these two critical factors to compare insurance companies:

Reliability: Highlighting insurance companies with a track record of honesty and fairness is our goal. Investing in insurance coverage is pointless if your company doesn’t pay out. For example, business insurance must actually work when lawsuits or losses happen. Renters insurance must make certain tenants aren’t on the hook when property damage strikes. Motorhome insurance must be reliable enough to cover towing and repair costs for accidents. Our analysts read through real client testimonials and quality ratings online. We avoid companies where customers have set off alarm bells of scams and poor practices. We evaluate the policies and their fine print to ensure there aren’t loopholes that will cost you. Authentic, dependable insurance companies are what you find here.

Customer Service: Dealing with insurance companies can be a real pain in the neck. Some unscrupulous carriers leave clients out to dry to improve their profits. Others trick clients into signing insurance documents filled with hard-to-read jargon. Insurance companies in today’s digital world increasingly have automated phone services, too. Thus, we research insurance providers who go above and beyond for good customer experiences. Our staff looks for features that connect clients to real people, not robots, for help. We review the standard application and claim filing process to ensure ease in interaction. We strongly prefer companies with ample communication to keep clients well-informed. Innovative tools like digital web chats and tracking apps can also be useful.

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Don’t let unforeseen tragedies destroy your credit and unravel your financial plans. Rather, invest in your future by selecting the right insurance for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to buy boat insurance for your catamaran or RV insurance for your trailer, we’ve got you covered. Compare Insurance Companies publishes the latest information from various providers. Our staff pays close attention to detail when ranking the best insurance plans for each category. We’re constantly adding to our “top 10” articles to meet everyone’s specific coverage needs. Putting knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of insurance buying at your fingertips is our goal. Please start scrolling through our website to discover insurance companies that will be there in times of need.


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